The Nerja Book Centre has a stock of over 20,000 books in many languages

If, when you’ve read your book, you decide to bring it back – no time limit whatsoever – then you will receive half the marked price as a credit towards your next purchase.

This system applies to all books with an individual price of up to €20. In addition, if you have any of your own books you no longer require, you may also receive credit for those.

Online Services

To make life even more easy, the Nerja Book Centre now offers a number of online services for secondhand books.

  1.  You can order your specialist reading material from the comfort of your own home and have it sent to you. Just browse the list of available titles and contact us to arrange for shipment. You can either email us or use the contact form.
  2. You can also arrange to collect your order from the Nerja Book Centre.
  3. If you are, or have been, searching for a particular title, and we do not currently have it in stock, you can place it on our ‘watch list’ and, if and when it comes into stock, we will send you notification and you can either have it sent to you by post or pick it up at the shop. Just email us with the relevant details.

Please note that the half the marked price trade-in system offered at the Nerja Book Centre does not apply to online specialist books.